Board Members

The Board members of St. Martin de Porres House of Hope were selected based on their areas of expertise, their education and, most importantly, because of their passion for helping homeless women suffering from addictions and their children achieve recovery, independence and self‐sufficiency.

The primary responsibility of the Board is to keep the organization on track regarding: strategic planning, policy (development, oversight and management), budgeting and fundraising.  We are proud and appreciative of our dedicated Board of Directors!

Gabriel Piemonte
(Board President)                             Kevin Waklatsi (Vice President)
Community Resident                                                       Associate

Woodlawn                                                                       Lathan & Watkins, LLP
Kenneth Sticken                                                          Brother Tom Collins (CFC)
Vice President                                                                Chemistry Teacher, Retired

BankFinancial                                                                 Brother Rice High School

Peter Brown (Treasurer)                                                Geannine Harris (Secretary)

Chief Financial Officer                                                     Nutrition Advocate
The Avery Connley School                                              Illinois Action for Children

Finance Committee                                                        Fundraising Committee
Jessica Harris                                                                 Rusan McNeal
Associate Director of Advancement                                  Admissions Representative
Cara                                                                                  Everspring Partners

Fundraising Committee                                                  Program Committee
Ryan Priester                                                                    Wendy Ringo, M.D., MPH
Associate Director for Community Programs                     Chief Operating Officer
The University of Chicago                                                  Near North Health Services Corporation

Fundraising Committee                                                    Fundraising Committee
Ollie Thomas                                                                      Sheryl Morris
Program Leader                                                                   Program Director
Thresholds                                                                           Woodlawn Community Resour

Program Committee                                                           Program Committee     
Sister Therese O’Sullivan, IBVM                                      Mary Whalen
Executive Director Emerita                                                  Management Consultant
St. Martin de Porres House of Hope                                    MVW Associates
Advisory Board Members                                                 Honorary Board Members
Thomas Breen                                                                              Brendan Cullen
John Berg                                                                                     Marianne Lutz
Walter R. Nelson                                                                          Colleen MacLeod
                                                                                                     Father Tracy O’Sullivan