Women in Recovery – Lyntoi’s Story

  Lyntoi has a lot to celebrate: 16 months of sobriety, and a new full-time job.   Lyntoi, 57, has worked hard to get where she is today. A native Chicagoan, she grew up in a close-knit, loving family on the West Side. Her father was a pastor and a singer and her...

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Holistic Recovery Minute – Good, Clean, FUN!

Learn how to have fun without alcohol or drugs, there is no shortage of ways to enjoy life while being alcohol free and drug free. Participating in fun sober activities allows you to have a rich, full life and fills up the time that used to be spent feeding your...

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Holistic Recovery Minute – Self Awareness

Self-awareness is the state of having a clear perception of your own strengths and weaknesses, knowing your own beliefs and motivations and having control of your emotions. This is one of the most important aspects in recovery as it allows you to identify and address...

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Create a Solid Recovery Support Network

The disease of addiction often leads us to believe that we can make it through life completely on our own. As you begin your path of recovery you quickly discover that that is a lie. The people you surround yourself with are a pivotal part of  your sobriety. Watch...

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Recovery Just For You!

Recovery is an individual process, and there is no one path that will work for everyone.  Do not listen to advice that hinders your recovery.  Focus on the result, not the method, and don’t hold yourself back from practices that are helping you overcome addiction.  Do...

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Take Physical Care of Yourself 

Take physical care of yourself. Exercise regularly and eat well. Addiction is a mental, physical, and spiritual disease that effects every area of our lives. Frequent alcohol and drug abuse causes a number of physical ailments. It is imperative to address these issues...

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Seek In-Patient Treatment!

In-patient treatment is considered to be the most effective because it addresses the underlying issues that led to an individual's drug and or alcohol problem. If one cannot afford in-patient treatment, there are several free resources on the internet and NA and AA...

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Practice Complete Abstinence

Practice complete abstinence. Don't fool yourself into thinking you can moderate your alcohol or drug intake. It won't workout in the long run. Abstinence is the state of completely going  without a drug, such as alcohol or heroin, on which one is dependent....

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