Music Program

While the benefits of counseling, education and employing training may seem obvious. The benefits derived from recreational and social activities cannot be underscored.

Music enables our women and children to sense the beauty and harmony within themselves and in the world around them. Participants find that their self-esteem blossoms as the program unfolds and they find it a wonderfully healing and helpful experience.

The music program gives the women and children that we serve a creative outlet in which to experience healing, build self-confidence and achieve a sense of dignity and empowerment.

We offer the following programs with the help of Harmony, Hope and Healing and Visitation Catholic School:

  • Children’s Music Classes
  • Parent/Child Music Classes
  • Musical Meditation

St. Martin de Porres Harmony, Hope and Healing Choir

In our Women’s Choir our residents learn how to work as a team as well as build their confidence and self-esteem. While using their musical talents to give back to others, they receive recognition and gratitude which makes their road to recovery more harmonious.

The Choir performs throughout the year at various events, including Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral every third Sunday of the month. They also participate in a Christmas concert each year.